Verified Beef Production

Verified Beef Production in Alberta

If you're an Alberta beef producer looking to ensure the highest on-farm food safety standards possible, you've come to the right place.

On this site you'll find everything about the national industry-led VBP program: from verified Alberta operations to Resources to our Workshop Schedule . VBP is a voluntary program that can be tailored to your farm or feedlot. Verification tells everyone – consumers, your employees and the industry – that you are committed to safe on-farm food practices.

Together, we can protect Alberta’s reputation for producing quality beef.

 VBP Benefits to Beef Producers:

  • Improved use of animal health products
  • Readiness, should the market require it
  • Heightened awareness of food safety risks
  • Basis for training staff and family members
  • Proof of responsible actions
  • Opportunity for differentiated beef production  

Sign up for VBP Training in Alberta

Attend a two-hour workshop or complete on-line training. The workshop is offered free of charge with no obligation to participate further.

Request On-Farm Verification

Once you have completed VBP training (workshop or on-line), and implemented the program "Must-Do's", take the final step and become a Registered (Verified) VBP Beef Operation.